Investing in Mortgages

As an investor, you can rely on us for a portfolio of quality mortgages and earn consistent returns year after year. We bring an opportunity for investors to take benefit from high-scale economies. Ensuring a high level of security, all our investments are backed by real estate assets in Canada.

All those who are admiring to become mortgage investors can develop their private portfolio with their required capital. We understand that not every individual has considerable capital to fund a mortgage. And for this reason – our corporation is crafted to give access, earn maximized benefit, and attain great peace of mind for years to come.

The management at Morex keen to take responsibility of all the aspects from analysis, underwriting, to structuring the legal transactions. We do what we commit, and nothing is more important than that – to offer you stable returns with less risk by investing in quality mortgages.

A Depth Of Experience & Knowledge

We’re Good To-Go Option For Your Next Mortgage Investment

01. Diversity

Allowing you to invest in diversified
mortgages across Canadian markets

02. Security

Dealing in a pool of first and second mortgages of real estate with less risk

03. Returns

Offering an opportunity to earn consistent returns on mortgage one invests

04. Income

Investors can enjoy a steady income flow while their investment is fully secured

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Our Investment Strategy

Banks have restricted their lending practices due to strict regulations, leaving many of the individuals with limited home financing options. This gap gives rise to an opportunity for Morex to bring up alternatives for fulfilling mortgage and investment needs. All the mortgage applications we manage are examined deeply and generated through licensed brokers ad we also mitigate risks associated with each investment. By identifying low-risk mortgages, we are proud to offer our clients with deals that deliver an attractive rate of return.

Returns With Low Risks

Investing in mortgages through Morex Capital not only protects you against risks but also helps you earn consistent returns. Investors here can participate with little capital and fund secured mortgages. Here is how we reduce the risk:

* Our wide residential mortgages are highly protected by the real estate in Canada
* The investments at Morex Capital take place in form of RRSP; which means some restrictions will apply.
* Successful experience and follow high mortgage underwriting standards along with strict due diligence
* Deal in low-risk mortgages that fall outside the scope of banks
* Lower LTV Limits

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Experienced Underwriters

Morex Capital has an underwriting team that carries a depth of knowledge and experience of proceeding loans while preserving the due diligence level. The professionals are responsible for all aspects like examination, underwriting, and making legal transactions easy. We offer valuable service and protect the capital of each of our investors.

Transparency & Trust

One of the most crucial aspects of any investment is transparency. As an investor, you need to have full control of your investment and aware of the assets that are securing it. We at Morex capital, provide our investors with complete transparency and allow them to review the analysis and underwriting of mortgages along with due diligence before funding anything.