Residential Mortgages

Have bad credit or turned down by banks? Morex Capital is always standby to help you when traditional banks or any mortgage companies refused you. A well-diversified pool of first/second mortgages is managed by our expert lending team and each of them is backed by Canadian real estate.

The tightened lending practices by the banks allows us to deliver an exceptional service to borrowers as a lender. We strive to get you in the direction that meets your requirements and repayment plans. Our strategy is lending mortgages on short-term and delivering intelligent solutions to borrowers; especially those who do not qualify for bank financing.

Ensuring the flexible and excellent service, we have vast experience in the mortgage industry and help our clients quickly process documents, ensure compliance regulations, and stay informed throughout the process. All our focus is to relieve the stress of borrowers by offering loan options that meet their needs.

Our Process Is Simple And Straightforward

Your Dream Of Homeownership Is Nearly Possible To Achieve

01. Conversation

Gather information, establish expectations, and discuss financing options

02. Documentation

All your documents are collected as fast as possible and we make a fair offer

03. Underwriting

Review the mortgage and verify all conditions have been properly cared for

04. Closing

Perform the final paperwork and ensure closing is a much exciting experience

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Tailor-Made Solutions

We are proud to be a premier provider helping individuals find the best solutions for their mortgage. Just tell us your needs and we are with you at every step in achieving your homeownership goals. The lending approach we follow is flexible as compared to banks and whatever we advise you is best for you. Whether you want to consolidate the debts or simply require the second opinion, we are confident that the choice we provide leaves you with great peace of mind.

Benefiting Investors & Borrowers

Banks for no doubt are the sources for loans but there are certain restrictions they mandate to adjust with mortgage lending policies according to recent laws. This means the previously qualified borrowers might be at risk of rejection. We at Morex Capital can help bridge that gap by allowing investors to assist them through us and earn positive returns. Not only offering an incredible opportunity to stressful borrowers but we also strive to secure the investor’s capital.

Designed to be both investor and borrower-friendly, we take care of all details so our clients can relax by knowing their needs are expertly managed. We are not like banks who generally carry inexperienced underwriters and take time in the approval process. Our higher level of expertise ensures loans are quickly processed while preserving the highest due diligence level.

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Our Underwriting Process

Morex engages a team that is proficient in managing all the aspects of the underwriting process. We start with an analysis of loans, give close inspection to each applicant, and successfully end the whole process. The applicants who find difficult funding through banks can make us their choice as we undertake everything through Canadian lending. Only after reviewing a review of an individual’s finance, we estimate the property in addition to actual yield potential.

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*  Offering low-risk mortgages with guaranteed 100% strong returns.

*  Generate returns from the payments made by our borrowers.

*  An established corporation with extensively experienced underwriters.

* Provide complete transparency to our clients while maintaining due diligence